Solving Problems with Chemicals


Case Study External Links ( Chemiacsl & Adhesives )

This page is intended to share the information of methods and possibilities of solving problems by referring to the case studies done by various solution providers in the pass.

1. Loctite High Impact Wearing Compound -- a rubber-modified epoxy product that protects against sliding abrasion and impact to 250 °F. Trowelable.

=> Repair of transportation chute in just 10 hours, saves $2500

=> Repair and rebuild centrifugal pump casing, saves $1500

2. Loctite Fixmaster Rapid Rubber Repair Kit -- belt repair product is designed to repair conveyor belts and damaged rubber equipment quickly and easily.

=> Repairs and protects rubber conveyor belt splice in coal company in just 3 hours, saves more than $2000

3. Loctite 5920 --adheres to metal, glass, natural and synthetic fibers, wood, ceramics, other silicone rubbers, pointed surfaces and many plastic substrates. It is also used for electrical insulating applications. This product is typically used in applications up to 350 °C.

=> Seals fiberglass gasket in place with no leaks in thermal generating station.

4. Loctite 577 -- medium strength, general purpose sealant for use on coarse, threaded components.

=> Seals and eliminates leaking manifold fittings on underground propane tanks

5. Loctite PST Pipe Sealants -- Loctite 567, Loctite 545

=> Help motion industries install leak-free hydraulic systems  

6. Loctite Hysol Clear Epoxy -- Loctite E05CL, Loctite E30CL

=> Eliminates bond failures, speed assembly of cabinet knobs and pulls

7. Loctite Hysol E120HP Ultra Strength Epoxy ( Aerospace Grade )

=> Eliminates rework and warranty claims for Carlson Paving Products,0000000IIV&redDotUID=0000000IIV&param1=view%3DcaseHistory%7CitemPK%3D27890992050223600%7C

8. Loctite UV Adhesive and Durabond Epoxy ( Loctite Improv 349, Durabond E30CL )

=> help glass sculpture designer to solve problem of bonding difficult-to-bond glass on this custom CD and Video Rack.

9. Devcon 5 Minutes Epoxy -- Rapid-curing, general-purpose adhesive/encapsulant which easily dispenses and mixes in seconds, dries in 15 minutes and reaches functional strength in 1 hour.

=> helps marine biologists to bond fiberglass mesh attached to a transmitter to the seal’s skin without damage to the animal.

10. Belzona Polymeric Composites -- Belzona 1111, Belzona 1321

=> repairs and rebuild multi-pass heat exchanger, saves refinery $50,000

11. Belzona Concrete Repair Products -- Belzona 4111, Belzona 5811

=> solves problem of concrete structure damage ( erosion and abrasion ) of clarifier in wastewater treatment plant; preventing leakage and contamination of ground water

12. Belzona 1311, Belzona 1321 - renovates puddle pipes

=> solves problem of corrosion of sea water inlet pipes to cooling system in nuclear power station

13. ARC Composites for Concrete Repairs

14. Loctite RC 620 -- Retaining compound, typical applications include locating pins in radiator assemblies, sleeves into pump housings and bearings in auto transmissions. Temperature resistance : up to 200°C .

=> seals Komatsu injector tubes,

15. Devcon Titanium Putty -- Non-rusting titanium-reinforced epoxy engineered for making repairs to machinery and equipment. Rebuilt parts can be precision machined. Withstands heavy loads in harsh chemical environments.

=> repairs and rebuilds severely corroded water box channels in power plant

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