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Aerosol Sprays for Injection Molding

We supply aerosol spray products for INJECTION MOULDING and Maintenance :

SMARTS Aerosol Sprays

1.       1. Mould Anti - Rust (  Green )
AR 800  -  Anti-Rust Spray Green is a oil-type coating for items requiring long  term corrosion prevention.  It is specially formulated with a green trace to make treated areas visible, and to prevent possibility of non-spray-surface which can cause costly  rusty problem.   AR 800  dries quickly and will provide excellent corrosion prevention in interior storage. Protection period ranges from 6 - 12 months depending on storage conditions /surrounding moisture level ( Not recommended for exterior storage) .     
2.    2.  Mould Anti - Rust ( Clear )
AR 900 is an environmentally friendly rust preventive with amazing staying power,  outlasting many other products. Due to its inherent properties, it is very suitable for LONG TERM STORAGE of  metal moulds, metal parts & equipments.  AR 900 protects against corrosion. It is  great for indoor and outdoor use – Agricultural,  industrial, marine, mechanical, electrical and household.  AR 900 provides dual function -  rust prevention and lubricating at the same time; it stops squeaks found in  rubbing metals / surfaces.

3. Mould Anti – Rust ( white )
 5.  4. Mould Release Agent ( Silicone )- Paintable

6.   5.  Mould Release Agent ( Silicone )- Non Paintable

7.   6. Mould Release Agent ( Silicone - Free )

8.   7.Fast Dry Industrial Cleaner
SMARTS Fast Dry Powerful INDUSTRIAL CLEANER is a cleaning agent designed to remove stubborn oil stains,  grease, paint and plastic resin residue by spraying onto it. It is a very useful cleaner to remove stains, oily residues found in moulds and ejector pins which stain the moulded plastic parts during operation. For automotive workshop, it can be used to clean the gummy residue found in carburetor, fuel injection devices. It also functions as engine degreaser and removes certain gasket  residues.           

9.    8. Anti Seize Lubricant

h     9. High Temperature Grease
SMARTS  High Temperature Spray Grease  is  a high grade multi  purpose spray-on grease. After spraying, a semi solid film is deposited    that defies friction, rust, corrosion, and most  importantly, it can work under  high temperature conditions up to 260 deg C.  SMARTS Spray Grease is  specially formulated for metal to metal contact which applicable to industrial, marine and automotive areas.

1    10. Heavy Duty Grease
SMARTS    Heavy Duty SPRAY GREASE  provides long lasting lubrication for all metal-to-metal applications. By spraying on to the surface to be lubricated, the grease liquid sets dry for a thick lubricating film.  This grease coating will not splatter, run, wash off  by water, or  freeze.  It provides longer lubricating function compared to ordinary W.D penetrating oil.                               
SMARTS Heavy Duty  Spray Grease is an ideal  and easy-to-use  product  to reduce friction of rubbing metals, gears, hinges, chains,  bearings, and any contacted moving parts;  protecting against    rust and corrosion.                         

       11. Penetrating Oil ( Water Displacing )
 S-88   Heavy Duty Anti-Rust & Penetrating oil forms a thin, oily lubricating film that helps protecting against corrosion. S-88 lubricates all type of equipments, such as tools, dies, jigs, fixtures, automotive engines, marine parts, lawn and garden tools, wire ropes, etc
Fast acting penetrant to loosen frozen nuts, bolts and parts in industrial,  automotive, marine and all home equipments used and stored outdoor. 
Corrosion protection on production equipment, material handling equipment, including overhead hoist and cranes, tools, parts in indoor   storage and in shipment, hand  &  power tools. S-88 penetrates to hard-to-reach areas. It displaces moisture and leaves a corrosion resistant film.  
       12.White Lithium Grease
SMARTS  White Lithium  Spray Grease  is  a premium grade,  state-of-art lithium complex      grease. This multi purpose lithium complex grease has a high dropping point to  insure where high temperature are encountered. This products has been formulated with a special additive package which insures high film strength, extreme pressure ( EP ) and anti wear properties. The high quality base fluids provide excellent natural oxidation inhibition, this combined with effective anti-oxidants as well as corrosion inhibitors provide extra stability under storage and extreme service conditions.

13. Metal Mould Cleaner / Solvent Degreaser
 MC 98 SPRAY   is  formulated to remove oils, greases, waxes, dirt, and  pigments  from all kinds of metal moulds. It contains a proprietary blend of   powerful petroleum solvents with strong oil / grease    cutting properties.  Importantly, it does not cause damage to expensive metal moulds. Besides, it is also a versatile cleaner for engines, chains, bearings and spare           parts ( Be careful when cleaning painted articles, IT MAY STRIP PAINTS! ).