Solving Problems with Chemicals


About This Site

One might encounter various problems which relate to one's daily life : the problems that associate with maintenance-repair-overhaul found in  automotive, industry, manufacturing, household, marine, aviation, etc.  With the proper selection of right products and solutions, most of them can be solved.

We, being the quick source of broad spectrum of  adhesives, chemicals, coating and lubricants, can be one of  your  choice of suppliers for your companies or subsidiaries in Malaysia.

In this site, we have put aside tons of the (mind-boggling ) technical specifications of the  products, which  can be obtained from us upon request. We have presented  various  products' information in a way that  c/w photographs, application guides,  hoping that our readers may get some fun and insight after reading them. Having said that, readers must bear in mind that  the information and  statements on these pages only relate to our own experiences.  Nothing we mentioned in this site should be taken as a recommendation, specifications,  or endorsement.

Cheong Fy *  A Chemical-man

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