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IDEMITSU EDM OIL for MALAYSIA Metalworking Industries

Idemitsu Daphne EDM Oils -- Excellent oxidation resistant & long oil service life EDM Oils

We are proud to bring you the quality Electro  Discharge Machine ( EDM ) Oil – available in Johor, Malaysia.


High quality Electro-Discharge Machine (EDM) oil --- specially formulated with synthetic base oil to give un-surpass performance in surface finish and fine tolerances. Idemitsu Cut HL-25 is a clear, transparent dielectric fluid, odourless, and  Non-Toxic.

The inherent low viscosity property ensures excellent cooling and flushing action in narrow and tight gaps, and high flash point helps to promote a safe and pleasant working environment.

Application :

Recommended as a dielectric fluid for spark erosion machining operations (EDM use).

Characteristics :

1. Synthetic Base Oil - Excellent oxidation resistant and long oil service life due to its synthetic base oil. 

2. High Flash Point - To promote better work safety. 

3. Odourless & Non-Toxic - No unpleasant odour and non-toxic, it does not cause dermatitis, thus, promoting pleasant and healthy working environment. 

4. Clear Transparent Fluid - Enables excellent visibility during machining operations  

Note :  For imported EDM fluid -- DAPHNE MAGPLUS ED2P,  kindly us:   AEROCHEM INDUSTRIES SDN BHD,   for the stock arrangement