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High Impact Wearing Compound : Protecting Submersible Dredge Pumps

Loctite Nordbak High Impact Wearing Compound 39918 – a rubber modified and ceramic filled two-component epoxy paste that offers wear resistance properties together with high impact resistance. Dry service temperature range from –30°  to  +121°C. 

High Impact Wearing Compound is recommended for lining and protecting  dredger pumps, flumes, troughs, elbows, hoppers, discharge chutes, and other processing equipment that is exposed to both abrasion and impact.

· Impact resistant superior to ceramic tiles
· Ceramic -filled for outstanding resistance to abrasion
· Renews worn surfaces fast – reduces downtime, applicable to any size, any shape
· Extends wear life-resists sliding abrasive wear and eliminates costly wear part inventory
· Non sag - provides abrasion resistance on over-head and vertical surfaces

  • Screen decks
  • Dredge pump liners
  • Flumes and troughs
  • Pump impellers
  • Vibrating feeders
  • Material transfer chutes / hoppers

After the proper mixing of resin and hardener, the paste-like wearing compound is easy to be applied  onto any surface.The working principles of  a wearing compound  can be viewed in YOUTUBE.

Rebuilding the surface of a submersible dredge pump with Loctite Nordbak high impact wearing compound

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