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Very High Temperature Paint for Car Manifolds and Exhausts, up to 650 deg Celsius

Good news! Instant stock supply of  Holts SIMONIZ Very High Temperature Paints for motorcar and motorbike Do-It-Yourself ( DIY )  fans in Malaysia and Singapore. Four colours available:  Black, Silver, Red, and White.

They are designed specially for manifolds, exhausts, and other industrial applications which are subject to intense heat, up to 650 deg C ( 1200 deg F ) for black and red paint, 600 deg C ( 1100 deg F ) for white paint,  and 500 deg C ( 930 deg F ) for silver paint. Other household applications -- decoration and protection for boilers, barbecues, fireplaces, and stoves.

SIMONIZ Very High Temperature Paint Black ( 650 deg C ) and Silver ( 500 deg C )

Surface preparation is crucial to obtain  best performance. Clear the object to be sprayed of dirt, paint, rust, oil, grease,etc. Mask the areas not to be painted. For metal surfaces, sand blasting or rubbing down to bare metal using abrasive cloth is recommended. Clean the surface with Cellulose thinners before painting.

SIMONIZ   Very High Temperature Paint Red ( 650 deg C ) & White ( 600 deg C ) -- products of Holt  Lloyd  International Ltd, UK


 No PRIMER is required! Shake the spray can vigorously for 2 minutes before use, and frequent shaking during spraying. Spray at room temperature in a well ventilated area. Test spray a small area first. Hold the can 25-30 cm from the surface to be sprayed and apply a mist-coat to prime surface. When the paint layer is dried, apply one FULL coat. Avoid heavy build-up and runs. After use, invert can and depress spray in short bursts to clear nozzle. In the even of clogging, remove the spray head and clean with Cellulose thinners.


Simoniz VHT Paint will be touch-dry in 15-30 minutes. The coated surfaces of vehicle parts and machines, etc, may be cured in operation. ( Note :  Domestic articles must never be used before the coated surface is cured ). Apply heat and gradually build up to the maximum working temperature, then maintain at this temperature for 1 hour. Sudden high temperatures will destroy the coating. ENSURE PROPER VENTILATION and AVOID INHALING THE TOXIC FUMES WHIST CURING TAKES PLACE.

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