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Safety Solvent : Non-Flammable Cleaner & Degreaser

Organic solvents have been using extensively in countless industrial cleaning processes for long time. Many solvents are very volatile and  having flash points that below room temperature, and are posing hazards of being highly flammable and causing explosion..  Some of the common solvents are listed below with flash point value for the purpose of comparison ( from low to high ) : Acetone ( -18°C ), Methyl Ethyl Ketone ( -9°C ), Hexane ( -7°C ), Ethyl Acetate ( -4°C ), Toluene ( 4°C ) , Methanol ( 11°C ), Isopropyl Alcohol ( 12°C ) to name a few. In United States, any solvent with flash point lower than 15°C can be considered extremely flammable.

The flammability  of a particular solvent is measured by determining its flash point.  The flash point of a  chemical ( solvent ) is the lowest temperature at which a flame can propagate through  the vapour of a combustible material to the liquid surface. The sources of ignition can be an open flame, heating element in hot plate, arcing motor and relay,  or even a steam pipe.

Magna 1127 Safety Solvent  --  Non-flammable and non-conductive solvent cleaner with low toxicity.  Effectively remove dirt, greases, oils and grime from various surfaces. Safe and effective for in-place cleaning whereby tasks can be done without  any disassembling.

Magna 1127 Safety Solvent, residue free and contains no Carbon Tetrachloride

CRC Quick Clean Safety Solvent & Degreaser  ( 03180 )   -- Non flammable cleaning solvent in aerosol spray can with  carbon dioxide as  propellant ( non-flammable ), VOC exempt formula contains no Class I or Class II Ozone Depleting Chemicals. Powerful degreasing action with fast evaporation and no residue. It is specially formulated for cleaning applications for:  motors, air tools, machinery, compressors, generators, industrial & electrical equipment, bearings, etc.  ( Note: Use caution on plastics and painted surface )

CRC Quick Clean Safety  Solvent and Degreaser

** One must always refer to  Material Safety Data Sheet before applying any chemical; especially  the instructions for  the safe use and potential hazards associated with a particular substance.

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