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High Temperature Metal Repair Epoxy Composites

Devcon Titanium Putty 10760 -- Chemical resistant, non-rusting titanium-reinforced epoxy,  engineered for making repairs to machinery and equipment that can be precision machined. Withstands heavy loads in harsh chemical environments. It is also used to protect new or rebuilt surfaces from cavitation, erosion and corrosion.

Recommended Application for :
  • repair worn pumps, scored shafts, and hydraulic rams
  • rebuild wear rings, pump impellers, butterfly and gate valves, tube sheets, protecting wear plates
  • prevent cavitation to condenser water boxes
  • refit keyways
  • restore bearing housing
  • level and chocking critical equipment

Devcon HR Super 3000 Putty 16400 -- high performance epoxy for repairing damaged equipment which is exposed to temperature as high as 300 deg C ( dry ).
Recommended Application for :
  • machinery and equipment repair
  • stop leakage in tanks, pipes, valves, and flanges
  • fill small to large holes in casting parts
  • engine block and crankcase repair

By looking at the product description above, one might see it as just another types of metal repair epoxies. However,  the important feature of these specialty polymeric composites that I would like to share here is the temperature resistant property of the products. See table below.

Typical Physical Properties Comparison of Devcon HR Super 3000 and Devcon Titanium Putty, ref : ITW-Devcon

A product with high temperature would be very useful and versatile in dealing with many maintenance and repair  jobs. Many a time ( high ) temperature can be a predominant factor to determine the selection of a particular products.

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