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METAL FORMING OIL ( Soluble Oil Type and Water Rinsable )

METALFORM ST is a heavy duty emulsifiable metal forming lubricant designed for use on ferrous metals, high strength alloys and stainless steels. It produces a high strength film on metal surfaces and exhibits exceptional extreme pressure characteristics.

It is a soluble oil type of metalworking fluid which offers cost saving in oil consumption. All formed parts can be rinsed with water and further cleaned with suitable industrial detergents.

METALFORM ST can be used as a straight concentrate for extra heavy duty forming, and at dilutions up to10 : 1  with water for medium duty operations.
To ensure a stable emulsion, always add the concentrate to the water with agitation. This mixing procedure produces a long lasting stable emulsion.

METALFORM ST can be applied in minimal quantity through airless spray systems, roller coater, dripping, or similar methods.


* Easy to apply.
* Excellent wetting properties, spreads evenly.
* Cleans easily with aqueous wash system,
* Prevents corrosion in short term.
* Extreme pressure additives enhance die life.
* Prevents metal drag and improves part quality.

A successfully formed stainless steel tube using Metalform ST  heavy duty metal forming oil