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Rust Preventive Oil : Function of Water Displacing Additives

Water Displacing ( WD )

Many of us might  have used  some kind of wd rust preventive oil  spray, which claims it can be applied on  wet motors / engines  and start it  thereafter, but not  knowing the principle behind it.

Basically, one or more hydrophobic polar compounds have been added into the rust prevention product -- the so-called  water displacing additive(s) -- that form a hydrophobic barrier layer.  These  molecules  comprise of  highly polar functional groups that attract to the metal surface and  the hydrophobic " tails "  which extend out away from the metal surface.

Illustration :     Molecules of hydrophobic polar compound forms a hydrophobic barrier layer which displace moisture and also prevent oxygen from contacting the metal surface

It is the hydrophobic barrier layer that excludes the atmospheric moisture, oxygen,  acids, alkalis, and other forms corrosive chemicals from reaching the metal surface.  Therefore, it is a vital component for formulating various rust preventive oils and metalworking fluids. One of the examples of such hydrophobic polar compounds is synthetic petroleum sulfonate.

SMARTS S-88 Heavy Duty Anti Rust & Penetrating Oil

SMARTS S-88 Heavy Duty Anti-Rust & Penetrating Oil  --  displaces water, forms a thin oily lubricating  film that helps protecting against corrosion.  S-88 lubricates various equipment and machines, tools, dies, jigs, fixtures, lawn and garden tools, wire ropes, marine parts. It contains fast acting penetrant  to aid loosening of frozen nuts, screws  that encountered in automotive, industrial and marine applications. S 88 provides corrosion protection on various metals surfaces in indoor storage or in shipment.

By immersing the wet metal parts and machined components  in the S-88 bulk liquid, it acts as a dewatering fluid which able to displace the water to the bottom of the tank for periodic bleed-off.  Water is separated from dewatering fluid by a distinct clear layer without any emulsification. S-88 penetrates  into hard-to-reach areas -- displaces water and leaves  a corrosion resistant protective film. This treatment is  particularly useful for short term rust protection of metal  component storage or while waiting for  subsequent secondary processes, metalworking, electroplating, painting to name a few.

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