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Fire Protection Sealing Compound for Ship Building

GEAQUELLO® E 950 is a sealing system for making removable, fire-retardant, gas- and water- tight cable ducts for ship applications and ship building. This product seals  cable penetrations through shipboard  partitions which helps to stop fire propagation and smoke penetration ( Product of AIK Flammadur Brandschutz  GmbH Germany ).

Geaquello E 950

GEAQUELLO® has successfully passed various tests on water tightness up to pressure of 6 bar and all necessary fire tests for A 60. It is approved by most reputable classification societies and national authorities. The test surpass the safety requirements of the IMO-Resolution A.754(18) regulations for divisional surfaces of the type A-60.


1. Though it is a 2-component product, one of the components is water ( or can be drinking water ).
2. Easy application by pouring and pumping once mixed in correct ratio.
3. All components of the GEAQUELLO®-system react neutrally, are physiologically safe. The products are not subject to hazard identification requirements.
4. Compounded with mostly inorganic materials; sets to form cement-like substance with high mechanical stability.
5. The cured sealing compound forms fireproof barrier that seals against smoke penetration, and more importantly stops fire propagation.

It is fireproof, gas-tight and water-tight and has been approved by most reputable classification societies and national authorities.

1. American Bureau of Shipping ( ABS )
2. Bureau Veritas ( BV )
3. Transport Canada
4. China Classification Society
5. Det Norske Veritas ( DNV )
6. Germanischer Lloyd
7. Korean Register
8. Lloyd's Register
9. Nippon Kaiji Kyokai
10. Rina
11. Russian Maritime Register of Shipping

Note:  This fire protection product works in a system which consists of:
1. R 312 or R 380 Swell Modules
2. E 824 Impregnation  Fluid ( Blue )
3. E 950 Sealing Compound

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