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Methyl Cyanoacrylates : Instant Metal Bonding Adhesives

Instant adhesives, or better known as super glue, krazy glue, elephant glue, etc, are single part, moisture curing cyanoacrylate adhesives. These adhesives set in seconds and bond a broad spectrum of substrates, including metals, woods, rubbers, plastics and to name a few.

By changing the type of alcohol in the synthesis process, in other words, different length or configuration of carbon chain would yield cyanoacrylate compound with specific physical properties which can be utilized for desired applications and performance. Methyl ester cyanoacrylates and ethyl ester cyanoacrylates are the most common grades that aggressively marketed in industries.

Methyl Cyanoacrlate

Methyl Cyanoacrylate

Methyl cyanoacrylate is an ester formed between methyl alcohol and cyanoacrylic acid. Apart from the cyano group ( CN ), being the highly polar one; the small molecule structure  of methyl group allows the compound exhibiting more polarity compared to the other members in the cyanoacrylate  family. Higher cohesive strength gained  in the cured adhesive which in turn translates into higher shear strength. Furthermore, tightly positioned anchoring point during polymerization process yields rigid and brittle bonding, making methyl cyanoacrylate particularly suitable for rigid metal to metal bonding, and metal to rubber bonding in some cases. Having said that, methyl cyanoacylate adhesives are also found to be less aggressive ( which cause stress cracking to plastic structure ) and  useful  in bonding sensitive plastics such as polycarbonate, polyacrylic.

Loctite 496 Methyl Cyanoacrylate  Adhesive

For bonding metals with high impact strength, you may consider Loctite 326 Speed Bonder.

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Loctite 496 Super Bonder Instant Adhesive