Solving Problems with Chemicals


Solving problems with chemicals : Blending cleaning chemicals with starting formulations

Boring with your daily routines ? Want to be a boss selling your own products? Or just  simply want to  learn more about the active ingredients  that  could  be contained  in your cleaning products; for example,  how a toilet bow cleaner can solve you problem by removing  tough  stains; what's the active component of a bleach liquid that bleaches cloths  and  kills micro organisms at the same time. Here it is:

A comprehensive starting formulation guide  is published by Air Products & Chemicals. I think this information is really helpful and  It is an value added service for customers to make use of the company's  Tomadol surfactants  to formulate various household & institutional cleaning products. 

Household, industrial and institutional chemical starting formulations

 I & I Formulary
Starting formulations for a wide variety of household, industrial and institutional formulations, using Air products surfactants.

You can find lots of  formulations for the  products like :
* All-purpose cleaners
* Industrial cleaners
* Institutional cleaners
* Laundry cleaning products

Important note: Please bear in mind that any form of starting formulation suggested by chemical manufacturers / suppliers is not guaranteed  for its accuracy  or/and  performance of formulated end products. Users should independently confirm the information in their laboratory or plant.

I  would say household cleaning products could be belonged to  product group  that is relatively easier to formulate or blend. The task made easy when a starting formulation is given. Because you can feel it,  test it, and evaluate it yourselves whatever you formulate. By blending with different  chemical components and weight percentage, you can get numberless of product combinations; of course good result or bad result.

Besides, one may have to, at least,  understand some basic principles of the chemicals used. For example, water-based or oil-based, acidic or alkaline, solubility characteristic of solid phase chemicals,  etc. A right combination of chemical components would offer good compatibility, superior product performance,  and stability or optimum shelf life of the end product.

One may  think that since we are using some household chemicals  or soap everyday, they must be  mild in nature or of little harmful to our body. This is not the case when we are dealing with raw materials, especially strong acids, strong alkalis, flammable solvents, low flash point chemical products to name a few. One must always  request the  Material Safety Data Sheets of every chemical from chemical manufacturers or suppliers, and refer the relevant information  for safe handling.