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Two-colour-coat approach : Easy & Useful Wear Indicator

In my previous posts, I had shared the information of applying   brushable ceramic onto working  surfaces of various equipment -- surfaces that continuously experiencing mechanical wear, abrasion, corrosion, erosion, or combination of  them.  One  would find it  very useful in coating  pump casings.

This ceramic coating features smooth finishing, and yet  highly resistant to corrosion. In  Loctite brushable ceramic range of products, one can find the products come with few different colours, namely grey, white, red, and green. And, they are specially formulated to cater for specific industrial environment. We are ready to furnish  the specifications of each product and application guide for your specific work projects.

Metal plates coated with  Loctite Brushable Ceramic Grey for sample submission

Without incurring much extra cost, one can make use of the two-colour-coat approach by coating two Loctite Nordbak brushable ceramics with different colours. This would act as a wear indicator.  When the top coat begins  to wear, the bottom coat will show through. Therefore,  one could work out the service duration and schedule for the next recoating or shutdown.

Top coat with Loctite Brushable Ceramic White

Note :  For red colour ceramic coating -- Loctite Nordbak high temperature brushable ceramic coating,  one should take note on the working conditions of the equipment; must be posted- cured  for  achieving maximum performance and temperature resistance