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Quick Source of Epoxy Anchoring Products for Construction & Engineering Applications

ITW Epcon G5 Epoxy Adhesive Anchoring --The epoxy resin and hardener are completely mixed as they are dispensed from the dual cartridge through a static mixing nozzle, directly into the anchor hole. G5 can be used with threaded rod or rebar.

Special Features :  
24 hour cure time at 70° F
Fire Rated:  tested up to 4 hours Fire Resistance Period
High Strength Epoxy

For economical grade and yet high performance of  Epoxy Anchoring Product, we would offer :

REBAR  Fixz MIC 80 – A  modified polyester resin or  cartridge inject mortar, especially formulated for starter bar and threaded stud installation.

Features :
* Bi-axial cartridges with self mixing action  * Close anchor spacing and edge distance applications  * Excellent resistance to dynamic and cyclical loadings  * Chemical resistance to many types of contaminants  * Can apply to all directional of holes

The Henkel brand Loctite - the recognised world leader in high performance engineering adhesives & sealant has the products for this similar applications :
Loctite® Fixmaster® Anchor Bolt Grout -- A solvent free, no odor, high strength and non-sag two part structural epoxy formulated to anchor threaded

Features :
* No drip, non-sag formular  * Moisture insensitive  * Will not soften over time  * Full cure in 2 - 4 hours
* Bonds concrete, block, brick, stone, wood, metal

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