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LOCTITE Nordbak 7255 Sprayable Ceramic Coating

Over the years, ceramic coatings or brushable ceramic coatings have been widely used in marine and industrial applications. These exceptionally smooth surface, ceramic reinforced epoxies provide a high gloss, low friction coating that protecting against turbulence, corrosion, erosion, and abrasion.

One of the limitations of  brushable ceramic is the lower than desired coating speed when come to large applications, eg. coating of process vessels and equipment, tank lining. Hence, a sprayable form of ceramic coating that can be sprayed in a manner similar to high solid paints is particularly suitable in this context.

Henkel Corporation has developed a high performance sprayable ceramic which provide similar functions compared to Devcon Sprayable Ceramic ( 15411, 15412 ), Belzona Supermetalglide 1341, Belzona 1391.

LOCTITE 7255  Sprayable Ceramic – A solvent-free ceramic filled  2-component  epoxy coating. It is designed to protect metal surfaces against abrasive and corrosive agents. It can be used as smooth, protective coating on metal surfaces or as a low friction top coat over Loctite® Nordbak® wear resistant compounds. Typical applications are repairing and protecting of heat exchangers, condensers, lining tanks, chutes, valve bodies or pump impellers and housings.

Product Data
Colour: Brilliant Green
Particle size: fine
Working time: 40 min.
Cure time: 4 hours
Recommended layer thickness:   0,5 mm  min.
Service temperature range: -30 °C to +95 °C
Pack sizes: 900g, 30kg

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