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ITW Chockfast Orange vs Loctite Fixmaster Marine Chocking Compound Green

Chocking compound, in other words -- Pourable Compound for Foundation Chocking, is an essential compound for foundation chocking of  main diesel engines, reduction gears, thrust bearings, stern tubes,  rudder actuators,  and other auxiliary machinery - as far as applications in marine engineering is concerned.

Among the brands available in the market :
ITW Chockfast, Loctite Fixmaster Marine Chocking Compound, Epocast, Durasin, EPY Resin Compound.

A brief description of Chockfast® Foundation System of epoxy resin compounds  from  ITW Polymer Technologies :
' ITW Chockfast Orange -- 2-component, low viscosity, structural epoxy “chock”, or “poured shim” with variable hardener ratios options. Replaces tediously fitted steel chocks or shims. Assures intimate contact with machined or un-machined equipment bed plates. Virtually 100% effective bearing underneath supported equipment. Normally poured in thickness’ of 1-1/4” to 2-1/2” (32 mm to 64 mm). '

Loctite Fixmaster Marine Chocking Compounds

LOCTITE® Fixmaster® Marine Chocking Green – A two-part epoxy chocking system. It is recommended for the installation of main engines and other equipment. Its high compressive strength ( 22,000 psi ) withstands maximum loads.
 ** Typical applications include installation of main engines, drive engines, winches, hoists, and deck mounted equipment.

Damming procedure with soft foam in progress

Careful mixing  of Chocking Compound on site

Well mixed pourable chocking compound is ready for chocking process

Loctite Fixmaster Chocking Compounds are continuously gaining world class recognitions and agency approvals, as following:
1. ABS
2. Lloyd's
3. DNV
5. NK

Loctite Fixmaster Chocking Compound Green is now available in Aerochem Industries Sdn Bhd, Malaysia.
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