Solving Problems with Chemicals


Loctite Magna-Crete : Quick Cement Repair, Fast Grouting Works

Many of us might come across the problem of repairing damaged concrete where a repair work doing with cement seems well done but end up with cracking in a very short period.

One can solve this problem by using a specialty product from Henkel Loctite ( Germany ) which may be used in repairing of concrete highway walls, airport runways, anchoring machinery, loading docks, parking structure joints, grouting bed plates and sole plates, columns and bridge decks, concrete pillars, rail grouting, anchoring bolts and handrails. For this, we gained many satisfactory results from our applicators.

Loctite® Fixmaster® Magna-Crete 95551 , 95555 -- A two-component, rapid setting ( less than 15 minutes ) concrete repair and grouting system. Chemically resistant to most common liquids and chemicals. Bonds to concrete, wood, glass, steel, and construction materials.
( Important : non-shrinking with good chemical and corrosion resistance, high compression strength, and fast cure capability; excellent for making durable repairs on cracks, holes, damaged concrete )

* Magnesium phosphate-based kit
* High compressive strength 13,000 psi ( 28 day cure )
* Applies at -15°F to 110°F
* Fast setting 5-10 minutes
* Ready for light service in 45 minutes
* Achieves compressive strength to 3,000 psi in two hours