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Loctite Nordbak Wearing Compounds : Another approach of wear prevention

A food ingredient manufacturing company in Malaysia has built a new waste sludge collecting tank, and the Loctite wear prevention products have been incorporated in the design of the said steel structure as to overcome the problematic  abrasive waste sludge.

Huge waste collection tank under fabrication

The old tank was designed in such a way that a pipe delivered the high alkalinity waste sludge into the tank, purging at high speed with residual heat; hitting a wear plate to reduce the speed of the sludge,  it would then drop and accumulate  at the bottom of the tank.

The wear plate was made of mild steel and welded with angle bars for the purpose of reinforcement. However, the corrosiveness of the sludge combined with the action of abrasion-erosion causing the plate to fail in short period.

Loctite Wear Prevention Products

Loctite® Nordbak® Wearing Compound 96992, contains large ceramic beads and fine silicon carbide in a high performance epoxy system that protects against sliding abrasion to 250°F ( 121°C ). Non-sagging. Trowelable. Compressive strength 16,000 psi.

This product's function  is similar to that of  ITW Devcon Wearguard High Load 11490.

Surface preparation of the stainless steel is done by mechanical abrasion using power tool

Cleaning of soil and dirt with cleaning agent

The Loctite Brushable Ceramic (  98732, 98733 )  is applied to the steel plate; this coating film is able to enhance the adhesion of the wearing compound.

Besides the application acting as a coating to promote adhesion, Loctite Brushable Ceramic can be used as protective coating, see more in section :  APPLICATION CASE HISTORY. It is similar to ITW Devcon 11760, 11765.

Careful mixing is carried out to obtain a homogeneous mixture as to maintain its highest degree of  performance.

The well mixed wearing compound is applied onto the steel  structure. The paste-like wearing compound can be trowelled following the contour of the steel plate ( or any intricate  form of steel structures ).

A wear plate is formed using  the combination of Loctite Wear Prevention products.

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