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Ambersil Leak & Flaw Detection Sprays : Easy Non - Destructive Test ( NDT ) Products

We are offering  quick source of Ambersil ( A subsidiary company of CRC Industries, Australia  ) Flaw  Detector Penetrant for Non - Destructive Testing ( NDT ). These products are very useful in detecting cracks in many engineering materials which are very difficult to identify by normal visual inspection.

Product No. 1 : Cleaner ,  Product No. 2 : Penetrant ,  Product No. 3 :  Developer

Ambersil Flaw Detectors

A convenient pack of 3-stage system of Cleaner, Penetrant and Developer, each of which is supplied separate can, for quick and easy visual non-destructive detection ( NDT ) of open to metal surface defects. Suitable for use in following areas : metalworking, fabrication, engineering, inspection and testing.

Advantages :
* Fast acting visual results
* Use in lab conditions or on site
* Easy application - Can be applied directly to the component without dismantling the equipment

Product No. 1 - Cleaner
A powerful solvent, non-CFC cleaner to flush away oil, grease, swarf or soiling that may be obscuring the defect.
Advantages :
* Powerful flushing action
* Fast evaporation
* Low odour, safe-to-use, non-chlorinated cleaner

Product No. 2 - Penetrant
A highly visible low surface tension dye penetrant that will quickly penetrate into the thinnest crack or flaw. Can also be applied to the underside of components or structures.
Easily removed by the solvent cleaner ( Product No. 1 )

Product No. 3 - Developer
A white chalk contrast medium that offers excellent visibility against the red penetrant fluid.
Advantages :
* Dries quickly to form a white powder coating
* Easy removal after inspection
* Allows the effective 'bleed-through' of the penetrating dye ( Product No. 2 )