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Specialty Epoxy Putty : Non Rusting, High Compressive Strength

ITW Devcon Titanium Putty 10760 – A high performance, titanium reinforced epoxy specially formulated for making critical repairs to machinery and precision parts.

* Excellent wear and abrasion resistance
*Temperature resistance to 177 oC ( 350 oF )
* Excellent chemical resistance
* Compression strength of 18,000 psi
* Non-rusting, machinable to a metallic finish

* Repairing worn metal parts
* Repairing scored shafts and bearing housings
* Refitting keyways
* Rebuilding pump housing and impellers
* Rebuilding wear rings
* Rebuilding butterfly and gate valves
* Protecting wear plates
* Rebuilding elbow and tube sheets
* Preventing cavitation to condenser water boxes
* Levelling and chocking critical equipment

Product’s Performance :
Qualifies under mil spec DOD-C-24176B

Henkel Loctite has the product with similar features and applications. The compressive strength is comparable to that of Devcon Titanium Putty 10760.

Loctite® Fixmaster® Superior Metal 97473 -- A non-rusting, ferro-silicone-filled epoxy. Extremely high compressive strength ( 18,000 psi ), tensile shear strength ( 5,500 psi )  and excellent wear resistance. Ideal for rebuilding worn surfaces exposed to harsh environments. Can be machined, drilled and tapped in 6 to 8 hours. Important : For final finish cuts, let the product cure for 24 hrs. and use carbide tooling. Spreadable putty. Sets in 20 minutes.

We would like to share with you that one of our applicators had made used of the Loctite Superior Metal 97473 to repair scored shaft, as below:

Before : A closeup of the scored shaft

After : Shaft repaired with Loctite Superior Metal

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