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Silcoset 152 RTV Silicone Sealant ( acetoxy )

Silcoset 152 is available in Aerochem

Silcoset 152 – A ready-to-use adhesive sealant paste that cures on exposure to air to a resilient silicone elastomer. It offers the properties of ease of application, excellent adhesion, durability, versatility and
good electrical properties.  Silcoset 152  has been recognised  for applications in every type of industry.

Key Features :
* Good Electrical Insulation. * Resistance to ageing, weathering, ozone and corona; oxidation and many oils, chemicals and solvents. * Excellent bonding to a wide range of substrates. * Excellent flexibility from -60°C to +300°C.

Silcoset silicone RTV's have been widely used in the aerospace industry. These Acetoxy based silicone RTV's were some of the first to be developed for very high specification applications. Silcoset is now manufactured by ACC Silicones.

Rolls Royce Aerospace has been specifying their use in their aero engines for many years, attributed to their ability to withstand temperatures ( - 60ºC to +300ºC ).

Agency Approvals / Listing for this product :
1. MOD
3. Rolls Royce