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Loctite Fixmaster 2000 Putty : Extreme Temperature Repair Compound

If you are looking for a compound that meets your requirement for extreme temperature repair in your engineering works, maintenance repair, Loctite has the answer for you!
See below for the description of  this  Loctite  specialty product :

LOCTITE® Fixmaster® 2000° Putty  95724 -- An extreme temperature repair putty that withstands environments up to 1,093°C (2,000°F).

• Makes reliable high temperature repairs.
• Excellent adhesion to cast iron, cast aluminum and carbon
steels (typical metal used in high temperature applications).
• One part design, no mixing, no measuring.
• Cures to a metal finish.
• Can be ground and sanded to a smooth finish.

• Boiler doors and casings.
• Exhaust stacks.
• Defective molds, crucibles and dies.
• Flanges.
• Sagger plates.
• Refractory bricks and ceramic tiles.
• Automotive exhaust application: headers, manifolds,
catalytic converters, exhaust ports.

Please take note that the limitation for the product :

It is not for sealing engine block or cylinder

head coolant leaks.

* This product is available in our store. 
** Subject to prior sale.