Solving Problems with Chemicals


Polymeric Composite Repair : Beyond Imagination

A worn impeller was discarded in the yard due to severely worn-off. By using Loctite Polymeric Composites, we had solved our customer's problem.

Loctite Polymeric Composites were used to repair and rebuild the worn surface :

1.  LOCTITE Nordbak Brushable Ceramic Gray is an ultra smooth, ceramic reinforced epoxy that provides a high gloss, low friction coating designed to protect against turbulence, abrasion and cavitation under typical dry service temperatures of -29 °C to +120 °C. Used by itself, LOCTITE® Nordbak® Brushable Ceramic Gray is recommended for sealing and protecting equipment from corrosion and wear. It also works as  a top coat over Loctite® Nordbak® Wearing Compounds for applications requiring surface rebuilding and lasting protection. Typical applications include providing a smooth, protective abrasion resistant coating, repairing heat exchangers and condensers, lining tanks and chutes, resurfacing and repairing rudders and pintel housings, and repairing cooling pump impellers, butterfly valves and cavitated pumps.

2. Loctite  Nordbak ®Wearing Compound contains large ceramic beads and fine silicon carbide in a high performance epoxy system that protects against sliding abrasion to 250 °F. Non-sagging. Trowelable.

" The impeller is being repaired and rebuilt; restoring its functionable condition "

The polymeric composites act as  sacrificial and renewable working surface,  extending the service life.

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