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New! Flexible Cyanocrylate Adhesives from Loctite

Loctite has a new solution for you!

The  First   Flexibel and Transparent Instant Adhesive

LOCTITE® 4850 -- designed for the assembly of difficult to bond materials and is specifically formulated to provide flexible bondlines. The product provides rapid bonding of a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics and elastomers. When used to bond rubbers, for example, this product maintains the full compressibility of the joint. LOCTITE® 4850™ is particularly suited for bonding porous or absorbent materials such as paper, leather and fabrics.

Loctite 4860 is another option for bonding porous substrates, with typical viscosity 4000 - 7000 mPas @ 25 deg C.

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