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" I got the power " : Vapour phase Corrosion Inhibitor ( VCI )

What is VCI? It is referred to Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor,  or sometimes, Vapour phase Corrosion Inhibitor.

VCIs are chemical compounds having sufficiently high vapour pressure that allow vaporization of the compounds; involving the migration of the molecules and  subsequently adsorb onto metallic surfaces. This vaporized molecules can reach hard-to-reach areas, capable of protecting the metal from corrosion.

The paragraph above and the mechanism of protection involved could be mind-boggling. Furthermore, the vaporized molecules cannot be visualised.

I had done a simple experiment  in August 2008 to test the performance of  the vapour phase corrosion inhibitor. The iron ( ferrous ) chips were contained  in two pet bottles, and a small amount of water was added to the bottles. A vapour phase corrosion inhibitors was latter added to one of the pet bottles. Both bottles were placed in a room for observation.

I would like to share with you a few  photographs which might give you a better picture how a VCI can protect the metal chips from corrosion.

Comparison of test specimens, left ( control -- iron + water ), right ( iron + water + VCI Gamma ), photograph was taken after one month  from 6.08.2008

A closeup of test specimen after one month from 6.8.2008 showing the iron chips were  well protected from corrosion

The test specimen added  with  water , dd 26.07.2010

The test specimen  protected with VCI Gamma remains in good condition,  dd 26.7.2010

VCI Gamma is a  special rust preventive chemical that sublimates directly to a chemical vapour which protects metals by adsorbing onto its surfaces. This mono- molecular film forms a protective seal; stops the corrosion electrochemically. In a confined space, the VCI Gamma powder volatilizes and generates the chemical vapour thus protecting the metal surfaces constantly.

Features & Benefits :

* multi phase protection at the molecular level.
* versatile chemistry allows wet or dry applications.
* vci chemical does not require regeneration.
* self replenishing, vci molecules adhere to metal surfaces constantly.