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Go Green : Go For Biodegradable Cleaner Degreaser

Loctite Natural Blue Biodegradable Cleaner & Degreaser ( 82251 , 82253 ) . All purpose, industrial strength, concentrated cleaner and degreaser. Can be economically diluted with water. Natural Blue® is formulated for wipe down, pressure spraying, and immersion cleaning processes, at room temperature or heated. Pine-scented, non-flammable, and non-toxic. Contains no ozone-depleting chemicals (ODCs). CFIA approved.

Agency Approvals / Listings for this product :

• Canadian Food Inspection Agency ( CFIA )

Ambersil Aquasfe Biodegradable Cleaner Degreaser

Water based detergent cleaner that exhibits high solvency power. An ideal alternative to traditional solvents, suitable for use in Industrial, automotive, engineering, transport, aviation, marine and electronics applications.

* Non-flammable water based cleaner/ degreaser
* Biodegradable
* Removes tough and stubborn soiling such as oil, grease, grime, silicone, wax, nicotine, soot, ink and coffee
* Super industrial strength, can be diluted 1:40 with water
* Safe on most plastics, rubber and painted surfaces
* Contains a highly effective corrosion inhibitor to help prevent flash rusting
* Multi use by spraying, soaking, brushing, immersion, wiping or ultrasonic

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