Solving Problems with Chemicals


Another way to stop leak

Sometimes, we come across a minor leak in our home -- slowly but continuous.  However, this would certainly cost you " something " in long run until you  get it  stopped.

If you cannot find a man to fix it immediately, then you night want to consider DIY. 

One can find a fast cure epoxy easily in hardware store, any brand with  curing speed with 5 - 10 minutes is good enough -- be it Bostik, Devcon, Araldite or XXX .

Based on our past experience, we have good feedback from our customer who is  involved in maintenance using Loctite Poxy Pak. It works well with steel and PVC pipes / fittings.

Loctite  Fixmaster  Poxy Pak -- Fast Cure Epoxy. This fast cure, general purpose epoxy bonds virtually any material. It will also fill or seal cracks and rebuild worn surfaces. Comes in a 1 oz. syringe with a built-in plunger for easy dispensing without equipment. Working time is approximately 4 minutes.

It is c/w a built-in twin cartridge with part A  ( Resin )  and part B ( hardener ).
Once  you have squeezed out the epoxy with the piston, mix the two component immediately until you  see uniform light amber colour.

Fill the epoxy with a syringe ( or the one that c/w medicine when you visited a pharmacist ).

Before you can inject the epoxy to the leaking area, make sure you have turned  it off . Leave the epoxy to cure for sometime, preferably overnight.

By using the syringe, it enables you to push the epoxy deep into the leaking fitting. If you do not see the result of  complete seal, at least, the leak can be slowed down. 

Agency Approvals / Listings  for this product:

• Canadian Food Inspection Agency ( CFIA )
• American Bureau of Shipping ( ABS )