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Wire Rope & Cable Lubricant

CRC Wire Rope and Cable Lubricant 3035-- An extreme duty synthetic lubricant with Molybdenum. It lubricates and protects wire rope to help prevent strand failure, extend working life and eliminate costly downtime. It resists water wash off and high temperature sling off.

For a more economical use of  wire rope lubricant and yet high performance , you may think of using :


Castrol SMR Heavy X -- Bituminous based ( open ) gear oil fortified with carefully selected extreme pressure additives, thereby reducing wear on contact surfaces.

It is recommended for heavily loaded, slow moving open / semi open gears and journals. Also suitable for  use as wire rope lubricant,  lubricant for pinion drives and transmission chains.

Castrol SMR Heavy X contains anti - corrosion additives, prevent surface corrosion and corrosive wear. Excellent adhesion properties to resist throw off in moving parts.



MARINE WRL -- A  wire rope / chain oil that is specially formulated to permeate or penetrate to the core, ensuring lubrication throughout while providing a non-drying, non-tacky film on the outside of the rope to protect from dust and corrosion, as well as lubricating drums and sheaves, so producing longer rope an chain life and reducing down time. Easily pumpable at temperatures as low as -32˚C.

MARINE WRL remains flexible in extreme weather conditions, eliminating flaking and peeling, dirt pickup and lubrication sling-off. It can be used to lubricate all sizes of rope, chains, leaf springs etc.


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