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LOCTITE Silicone Lubricant 51360 is a non-curing silicone paste that seals, lubricates, protects, waterproofs, and electrically insulates metal, rubber, and plastic parts.

This grease-like compound is mainly used as a moisture barrier for electrical contacts, rubber and plastic lubricant, mold release agent, and packing lubricant for shafts and valve stems. It is also found to be useful as a stopcock lubricant, plug or ball valve lubricant, valve stem packing lubricant, and protector for electrical contacts. It also protects electrical connections against water infiltration, arcing, and keeps moisture from forming a conductive film on electric mounts and insulators.

Loctite Silicone Lubricant has excellent fluid resistance to water based fluids, alcohols, mineral oils and vegetable oils.

Besides the applications as Dielectric Grease, O - Ring Grease, our customers find it useful in vacuum pump sealing, vacuum flask air tight sealing, and even in diving gears.

Besides, should you find specific application / specifications where Dow Corning grease is applicable :
Molykote 55 O-Ring Lubricant -- A soft silicone-based grease, slightly swells rubber for better sealing, oxidation resistant and serviceable over a wide temperature range ( as below ).
Uses : for dynamic lubrication and ealing between rubber and metal parts in pneumatic valves.
Typical applications : found within the aircraft, automotive, paintball and other industries.

* Color/Appearance: Off White
* Base Chemistry: Silicone
* Service Temperature, deg C : -65 to 177
* Flash Point:, deg F : >214

For easy application and hard-to-reach areas, a convenient aerosol spray can could be more suitable. One would be impressed to find this products meets several agency specifications and approvals.

AmbersilAMS4 Multi-Purpose XG 250 Siliconegrease in easy to apply aerosol form.
Provides a smooth non-melting coating that insulates, lubricates, seals,preserves and waterproofs.

* Insulates high voltage parts against leaking or arcing
* Waterproofs electronics in damp or humid conditions
* Preserves rubber against hardening or cracking
* Lubrication and assists assembly of close tolerance components
* Seals against moisture ingress and prevents ice build-up
* Meets military and aviation specifications;
    - Def Stan 68-69/1
    - Mil-S-8660B -
    - NATO Code S-736
    - NATO 5970-99-224-4975
    - RAF-34 B

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