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Ultra strength Adhesive : Loctite Hysol E 120 HP

" Loctite Hysol E 120 HP "

Loctite E - 120HP Hysol Epoxy (  29353 , 29354 , 29355 ) . An amber non - sag, aerospace grade  epoxy  (  please take note that the work life 120 minutes ). It Is suitable for application that requires high impact and high peel strength.

It is a versatile adhesive; bonds dissimilar materials including aluminium, steel, etc and a variety of plastics and ceramics.

A steel mill located in Malaysia encountered  a problem of scouring  of the  rivets to the brake drum and short lifespan of  the pads.  The brake pad were previously fastened  by using rivets.  After a period of operation, the effect of wear and tear tend to expose the rivets and caused scouring to the brake drum.

The maintenance department accepted our  proposal of bonding the brake pads  instead of mechanical fastening.  The problem has been solved since then.

" Applying Loctite E-120HP to the brake pad "

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• Canadian Food Inspection Agency ( CFIA )

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