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Under the Loctite brand there are three key surface engineering and protective coating technologies known as Nordbak®, Fixmaster® and Big Foot. Tried and proven for over 50 years, these technologies offer proven solutions for the problems caused by wear, abrasion, chemical attack, erosion, corrosion, impingement, entrainment, mechanical damage and traction control.

 >> Loctite Nordbak - Utilises superior wear properties of ceramic and the convenience of two-part epoxies to seal and protect plant assets from wear and corrosion. Available in trowelable and brushable formulations with special fillers for tough conditions,

 >> Loctite Fixmaster - Designed to repair, reclaim, protect and maintain worn metal, rubber, and concrete surfaces, predominantly two-part composites, the range varies from metal filled putties to urethanes and quartz based concrete repair products.

>> Loctite Big Foot - Purpose designed to provide superior traction control in industrial environments, Loctite® Big Foot is resistant to harsh chemicals and tough enough to handle forklift and vehicular traffic.

A contractor came   to us again  for new business opportunity after few coating jobs had been completed successfully.

He was awarded a chute repair job with an added requirement : to apply a wear resistant coating for  protection .  It  was a chute came from a grain processing plant, handling waste husks. Due to the erosion of  the abrasive  particles, the factory experienced more frequent than expected plant shutdown for installing new chute, and definitely  loss in dollars.

Loctite Nordbak Wearing Compound and Loctite Fixmaster Brushable Ceramic were used in this project.

" Worn - off area was being abraded mechanically to bare metal "

 " A steel plate was welded to the chute "

One can see that the chute is severely eroded and rusty. Therefore, sand blasting  is a must prior to coating ( see below ).

Brushable ceramic ( left ) and  wearing compound   ( right ) "

" Coating in progress "

" The wearing compound coating was encapsulated with 2 coates of brushable ceramic "

After one year of continuous operation, it was found that  brushable ceramic layer closed to scraper has  been worn off, exposing the wearing compound layer, however, the coating  in other  areas still remains intact. Recoating has been planned in next  shutdown.

" The brushable and  wearing compound coating act as sacrificial and renewable working surface, protecting the structural integrity of the original substrate / equipment "

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