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POLYURETHANE FOAM : Another way to do sound - proof

" Polyurethane Foam 750 ( Construction  PU Expanding  Foam ) "

Statheros PU Foam 750 - a long lasting, fine cellular, 100% ( HCFC ) free Polyurethane based insulation and construction foam for industrial and construction applications.  This foam cures by a reaction between moisture from the air and moisture from the substrate.

Applications :

Can be used to fill joints, gaps, and openings in wall in construction:

* Fixing windows and  doorframes.
* Filling joints between walls and ceilings.
* Seams between chimneys, roof protection, and panels.
* Around pipes, cables, conduits ; penetrations through walls and ceiling.

" One can of PU Foam 750 can yield 35 liters of expanded foam.  The foam can be used to fill voids  for acoustic panelling and sound proofing "

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