Solving Problems with Chemicals


Oil Spill Dispersant

Norchem XCELL 58 -- A  ‘Low Toxic’ oil spill dispersant containing an effective blend of emulsifiers and dispersants which helps to break up a spill into very small droplets of oil. The natural motion of sea wave will enhance the dispersant of the tiny oil droplets which are rapidly digested by microorganisms in the water.


* Fast Action - Contains effective action agents and emulsifiers
* High Flash Point - Eliminates fire hazard
* Economical - Can be diluted up to 10 parts of water
* Low Toxic - Safe on marine lives
* No Toxic Fumes or Objectionable Odour
* Biodegradable


Norchem XCELL 58 is used practically anywhere. Whether it is on land or at sea as long as there is an oil spillage problem - e.g. over contaminated sea surface, on deck, engine rooms, platforms, oil rigs, refineries, oil terminals, loading bays, harbour and beaches.