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LOCTITE Flex 80 Putty Polyurethane

LOCTITE Fixmaster Flex 80 Putty  97423  combines the properties of rubber and urethane in a trowelable repair compound. It is ideal for repairing metal, rubber, and urethane surfaces that are subject to wear and impact. Typical applications include pipe elbows, pump liners, pulleys, conveyor belts, rubber and urethane parts or sheeting, and couplings. This product is typically used in applications with an operating range of -29 °C to +82 °C.

A power plant in Malaysia discovered a problem which might expose the circulating water system to the risk of corrosion.

A  damage of  rubber lining  was found at the main hole of one of the water boxes. A durable and high performance  compound was needed to repair the damage. Loctite Fixmaster Flex 97423 was selected for the repair job.

" Grey colour Polyurethane Compound covered and bonded firmly to the existing polymeric lining "

" It is a easy-to-apply compound.  The entire process of repair, from surface preparation -  mixing of the product - patching, was done in less than one hour "

Loctite Flex 80 Putty  97423  or Loctite Flex 80 Liquid  can be applied for the repair job that formerly  using following products :  DEVCON Flexane 80 Putty 15820, DEVCON Flexane 80 Liquid  15800 .

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