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Electrical & Electronic Contact Cleaner

LOCTITE  Electrical Contact & Parts Cleaner 25791  is a flammable, non-conductive, fast evaporating cleaner that leaves no residue. The product is suited for cleaning electrical and electronic devices. It is designed to be an alternative to CFC-113 and 1,1,1- trichloroethane solvents.

It is sed as an electrical contact cleaner to remove grease, dirt , oil, flux and other surface contaminants from sensitive electrical/electronic devices. Electrical Contact & Parts Cleaner can also be used to clean motorized instruments, control panels, electrically driven equipment, motors and other electronic devices requiring non-conductive, low residue degreasing agents.

CRC CO CONTACT CLEANER 2016M -- a unique, plastic safe, scientifically formulated, technically proven, stable, inert high purity cleaning solvent. CRC CO CONTACT CLEANER is non-corrosive, non-staining, rapid-complete evaporation and contains no lubricants. CRC CO CONTACT CLEANER contains COZOL - a special proprietary blend of solvents which enhances the cleaning power without
damaging plastics.

CRC CO CONTACT CLEANER 2016M  is recommended for cleaning: Relays, Switches, Circuit Breakers, Alarm and Signal Systems, Printed Circuit Boards, Connectors, Generators, Contacts, Laboratory and Test Equipment, Video Heads/Drums, Terminals, Plugs and Jacks.

LPS CFC Free Electro Contact Cleaner 03116
*  Ideal for electrical/electronic and  fine parts  *Cleans and degreases delicate  precision mechanisms  *Penetrating action removes oil, grease, dirt, flux and other contaminants  *Does not contain chlorinated  solvents  * Fast evaporation  *No residue & safe on plastics  *Meets or exceeds: McDonnell Douglas CSD #1; AMS 1525B; ASTM F-519, Type 1c;  MIL-PRF-29608  *Inverta Spray Valve lets you spray in  an upright or inverted position


For rapid cleaning of electrical equipments (switched off ) , such as motors, relays, switches, connections, circuits breakers, contactors, coils, generators, electrical & electronic contacts, PCB's, precision electronic and optical equipments. It is a very useful cleaner to remove stains, oily residues, dirt and moisture  found on the surface of the contact points in electrical equipments. The action of pressurized solvent flushes off oil, grease and metallic oxides caused by corrosion or arcing, while leaving a clean, dry residue free  surface. It is non-conductive and safe on most metals and plastics.

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