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LOCTITE ANTI SLIP COATING : Big Foot Heavy Duty Pedestrian Grade

LOCTITE  Big Foot  Heavy Duty Pedestrian Grade - Grey  (  96261 , 96265 ) is a single component epoxy non-slip floor and deck coating. It is designed for application in areas of heavy pedestrian traffic or light rolling traffic under typical dry service temperatures of –29° to +60°C
(–20° to +140°F). This high performance safety coating is both easy and fast to apply.

" Big Foot Jiffy Mixing Blade 96131 "

Though it is an one-component compound, the product has to be mixed till homogeneous before applying.
Any  mixing blade can be used if you are confident that it can do the job, otherwise, a Jiffy mixing blade 96131 from Loctite is recommended.

" Phenolic roller 96121 is important to get the coating ( rough ) profile "

" Coating of Loctite Big Foot Anti Slip in progress "

A closeup showing the rough profile of the Big Foot Anti Slip

" An anti-skid surfaces in work places, walkways , stairs, ramps  can  prevent slips or falls and generally create a safe footing thus reducing casualty "

There are a few Loctite Big Foot primers available to cater for different substrates. For detailed application guides and product ordering information, kindly email : , or

Available  Colour :
Loctite 40302   -  Safety yellow
Loctite 96211   -  Black
Loctite 96261   -  Grey
Loctite 96265   -  Grey