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High Performance Adhesive for OEM : Loctite Hysol E - 20HP

Loctite Hysol E-20HP ( 29314 , 29316 ). A toughened  industrial grade epoxy adhesive.  Off-white after mixing, medium viscosity, with 20 minutes work life.  It is a HIGH PERFORMANCE  adhesive that provides excellent bond strengths -- high peel resistance and high shear strength.

Loctite E - 20HP Hysol Epoxy is best applied with the Loctite Manual Applicator ( 983531 ), and  static mixer ( 983440 ), as below.

" Applicator Gun  with  components :  pistons &  static mixer  "

" Loctite Hysol E-20HP provides the balanced properties of  bonding strengths and curing time. It is ideal choice of adhesive to be used in OEM, or in an assembly line "

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