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Econimical & Reliable Grouting : SIKADUR 42 MY

" SIKADUR 42 MY -- 3-Component Grouting Product "


It is a solvent- free, 3-part pourable grout, based on a combination of epoxy and specially selected aggregates. After mixing according to the correct ratio, it forms a flowable mortar, suitable for grouting and filling.

A metal casing maker had brought in a turret punching machine. A proper footing has to be done by grouting. Among the areas of consideration were cost of grout product, performance, and stock availability.

The management had accepted our proposal.  Sikadur 42 MY was selected for the grouting job.

" A feeder was fabricated f to fill the grout Sikadur 42 MY "

" A close-up view showing the form work "

" Grouting in progress "

 Sikadur 42 MY has done a good job for the machine footing,  the machine is, so  far , running smoothly.  It is a kind of cementitious grout which has lower flowability  compared to that of 
2-component epoxy grout. Therefore,  product  like Loctite Marine Chocking Compound green ( 97572 ),  orange ( 96102 ) , or  Loctite Fixmaster Fast Set Grout ( 39637 ) could be another alternative for tight clearance grouting .

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