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Belt Dressing Spray

LOCTITE Belt Dressing 30527  

 A specifically formulated, high quality belt dressing that is designed to eliminate squeaks, aid in power transfer and increase belt life. The product penetrates the cord fibers to restore pliability and flexibility. Prevents belt  slippage due to heat, cold, dampness, dust and glazing and
protects it from deterioration. Typical applications include V-belts or flat belts of rubber, leather or fabric, automotive, farm equipment and industrial belt drives.

NOTE: LOCTITE® Belt Dressing™ is not made for serpentine belts.

CRC Belt Grip  3081 
Scientifically formulated with a synthetic polymer that is non drying, water resistant and chemically stable. It extends the life of drive belts by improving traction.

CRC Belt Grip  3081 was specially developed to meet the demands for a true industrial, automotive, and food grade belt adhesive.

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