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LOCTITE Wearing Compound : A brief introduction to its application

LOCTITE® Nordbak® Wearing Compound™ ( 99812 ) is a two-part  ceramic filled epoxy paste designed to protect, rebuild and  repair high wear areas of processing equipment. Temperature  range -28 °C to +121 °C.

There are a few interesting features about the CERAMIC BEAD contained in the Wearing Compound :

Our LOCTITE Wearing Compound found its application in the Cutter Suction Dredging ( CSD ) ship in Kota Tinggi River. It was the time after an  destructive flood  devasted the Kota Tinngi town, end December 2006. The entire Kota Tinggi town was almost soaked in the water for 3 weeks. After this incident,  the State Government of Johor  had engaged the dredging service providers to deepen the Kota Tinngi River. The project was taken up by  MALAYSIA MARINE & DREDGING CORP SDN BHD   and  PT TIMAH, INDONESIA.

This Kota Tinggi River's river bed was full of fine sand and stones which impart  an  erosive effect to the pump, pipe line, or rather, the whole pumping water flow line. 

Aerochem Industries Sdn Bhd was invited to check on the damaged pump and offer remedy to the  leaking pump casing.

The erosion  was seen after the suction pump had been operated for approximately 3 months. The condition was worsen when the casing was perforated and caused leaking and pressure drop to the system. The operation had to be stopped.

The casing was made of special alloy (  Maxidur 5 (Max 5) --  a highly abrasion resistant chromium carbide cast iron ) from  IHC Holland, and  the welding of wear plate to the casing body  was  failed.

The erosion was too bad that metal gave way. Careful selection of  LOCTITE Polymeric Composite  products needed to be done to rebuild the pump casing.

LOCTITE Superior Metal was used  for rebuilding  and  restoring  the  mating faces of  screws and nuts.

The surface of the casing was primed with LOCTITE Brushable Ceramic to promote the adhesion of LOCTITE Wearing Compound to the surface.

While the Brushable Ceramic layer was still in a tacky condition , Wearing Compound was carefully apply to the  surface, building up to a thickness to  10 mm.

Our experienced field engineer assisted  the team in the project. Guidance was given to the technicians.
A hands-on  approach made the technician mastered the skill easier and faster.

In the entire Repair and Rebuild project, numerous products were used.   One can find unlimited applications  by using LOCTITE products.

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