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LOCTITE Steel Putty : SOFT like clay, HARD like steel

LOCTITE® Fixmaster® Steel Putty 99913 -- A steel reinforced, two-part epoxy that cures to a metal-like finish and can be machined, drilled, tapped or filed under typical dry service temperatures of  –29° to +107°C (–20° to +225°F).

" Loctite Steel Putty :  resin ( black ) & hardener ( grey ) "

" Loctite Steel Putty : after mixing the resin & hardener "

One  contractor was requested by his customer to repair  a chiller and found that the chiller tubes were severely corroded. 

 After a site visit, LOCTITE  Steel Putty was proposed to repair, rebuild, and reclaim the corroded surface. This convenient-to-use putty can be used to replace hotwork  which may be troublesome and dangerous in some work areas.

After mixing the resin and hardener, according to the recommended ratio, a soft paste-like substance was formed. The putty was then applied onto the corroded metal surface

"  The tube surface was masked  with masking tape "

The Loctite Steel Putty attained full cure after 24 hours -- a hard  composite was formed

The repair job had been successfully done, though only a fraction of the total job scope,  it was actually compliment to the entire project.

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