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LOCTITE Pnue - Wear : Maximum protection against fine particle abrasion

LOCTITE® Nordbak® Pneu-Wear™ is a small ceramic bead filled two-part epoxy putty, designed to protect equipment from fine particle abrasion. Temperature range -29 °C to +121 °C.

A M & E contractor came to us to know more about the LOCTITE Polymer Composites.  He was requested by his customer to coat a wear resistant substance on a newly fabricated auxiliary exhaust fan housing. This unit would later be installed in a  ash handling section in a coal-fired power plant in southern Malaysia. The plant had been facing shorter than expected life span for the fan housing; coal ash particle abrasion caused the thinning of the metal substrate.

" Fan housing : after coating "

LOCTITE Pneu-Wear was introduced to solve this problem. Being the sacrificial and renewable surface, the wear and abrasion of the parent substrate can be minimized and reduced.

" A closeup view for the LOCTITE Pneu-Wear Wearing  Compound "

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