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LOCTITE Marine Chocking Compound : Another application for manufacturing machinery

LOCTITE Fixmaster Marine Chocking  97572  is a two-part epoxy chocking system. It is recommended for the installation of main engines and other equipment. Its high compressive strength withstands maximum loads. Typical applications include installation of main engines, drive engines, winches, hoists, and deck mounted equipment.

One large  automotive part manufacturer faced  the vibration problem in its CNC drilling  machines.
This vibration factor could affect the precision of drilling and dimension of the finished parts. The machine had been running  about 60% of its maximum speed, and caused some  Ringgit Malaysia  6,000  of  loss if the machine were to run below  full speed.

After a site survey with the presence of Loctite engineer, Marine Chocking Compound green was introduced to tackle this problem.

" Prior to the application of Loctite Marine Chocking Compound, the CNC machine had been stabilized by  fastening with two studs to the ground, however, this could not solved the vibration problem "

" The ground surface was cleaned with industrial cleaner to remove the cutting coolant residue  "'

" A form work was done to contain the Loctite Marine Chocking Compound; the surface of the form work had been applied with release agent "

" The hardener was adding into the resin,  following the mixing ratio given in  technical data sheet "

" Thorough mixing  was done by using hand-held mixing tool for 2 minutes "

" Pouring the compound carefully  into the form work "

" A hole was pre-drilled at the point slightly above the level  of the compound, the low viscosity of the compound enable it to flow into the hollow section for greater holding performance  "

" The form work was detached after 24 hours, the footing was done "

" The chocking work was done for the 4 foot bases "

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