Solving Problems with Chemicals


LOCTITE Maintenance Workshop : Sharing the valuable information

Most of the time, a problem cannot be solved if we do not use the right product. A maintenance team would not  perform well if the members of the team unable to figure out the right solution and work independently to fix a problem.

We, Aerochem Industries Sdn Bhd, are not only selling the Loctite products, but we are also trying to work closely with our customer, finding possibility to deliver value-added services.

We are regularly  organising  Maintenance Workshops to share the valuable information with our customers.
Problem solving, LOCTITE product information, application guides are among the core topics that we share in a workshop.

" A Maintenance Reliability Workshop conducted by the experienced, dedicated Loctite Engineer, Mr Saharuddin "

We will suite our time to the factory's available  time slot. Customer will find it hassle-free and very minimal cost incurred compared to the useful knowledge and the benefits  they get from the workshop.

One can refer to the appended  brochure pertaining the LOCTITE Maintenance Workshops that available. Do fell free to call us for more details.

A well performed maintenance team  can  minimise the frequency of equipment breakdown and factory downtime thus saving cost for the factory.