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LOCTITE Chisel Paint Stripper : Foaming action lifts off gaskets and paint in minutes

LOCTITE® Chisel® Paint Stripper 79040 ( formerly known as Loctite Chisel Gasket Remover )  is a chemical liquid that lifts off baked-on gaskets, gasket cements, formed-in-place gaskets, carbon deposits, dried oil, grease, and paint on any type of metal in minutes. LOCTITE® Chisel® Paint Stripper is packaged in a convenient spray liquid that penetrates and cleans intricate shapes and will not run off, even on vertical surfaces. It is also ideal for removing high temperature engine paints prior to repainting and paint and varnish from wood surfaces.

" Foaming action begins right after spraying "

" Foaming and penetrating action develops "

" Paint layer being stripped off "

Note :  The efficacy of the paint stripping is subject to different substrates. One should carry out the trial to determine .