Solving Problems with Chemicals


LOCTITE Chemical Resistant Coating : Good for the pump owner, bad for....

Loctite ® Nordbak ® Chemical Resistant Coating ( 96092 ), Smooth, glossy, low friction finish protects against turbulence, abrasion, and cavitation. This advanced epoxy protects equipment from extreme chemical attack and corrosion. Low viscosity epoxy can be applied by brush.

" Pump components ready for coating after sand blasting "

A famous detergent manufacturing factory faced an unsolved problem for long time.  A few units of pumps which pumped the Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid corroded and damaged after 7 -8 months of  operation. Changing new pumps, unscheduled downtime had been an big issue to the  factory.

One engineer from the factory rang us for help. After a detailed surveying, we proposed to coat  the pumps with LOCTITE  Chemical Resistant Coating.

" Pump components : After coating "

The pump unit was then put back to operation,  and monitoring was carried out  for 1, 3, and 6 months operation. It was fond that the coating  performed very well, and remained intact after 6 months  running period.

Since then, the pump was scheduled for regular recoating after 7-8 months operation time.  The pump components below were dismantled for recoating for the fourth times, meaning they are purchasing less units of pumps now.

" Markings indicate surface to be sweep-blasted for recoating "

" Coating layer  still remained intact "

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