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LOCTITE Black Contact Adhesive : Excellent water resistant

LOCTITE® Black Contact Adhesive ( 30540 ) is a contact cement used for all types of weatherstripping and general purpose bonding. It is an air-drying contact cement that allows quick bonding yet maintains enough versatility in tack to allow large areas to be spread and bonded at one time. The drying characteristics allow for repositioning of parts after contact is made. The maximum strength of LOCTITE® Black Contact Adhesive is attained after all of the solvent has been released. Non-porous surfaces, if assembled while the adhesive is wet, will prevent the release of solvent, consequently, the adhesive will take longer to dry and develop maximum strength. Typical applications include door and trunk moldings, all types of weatherstripping, vinyl tops, and fabric backed vinyl upholstery. This product is typically used in applications with an operating range of -29 °C to +82 °C.

One of the important features of this adhesive is the excellent water resistance. The bonding of ordinary contact adhesives  Brand XXX  tends to fail when come into contact with water.

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