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LOCTITE 5699 : Oil Resistant RTV Silicone Gasket Sealant

LOCTITE® 5699 ( 33964 )  is designed primarily for flange sealing with excellent oil resistance on rigid flange sealing for example on transmissions and cast metal housings.

One engineer from a ceramic tile manufacturing company gave us a ring to ask for help. He was facing hydraulic oil leakage in his ceramic tile press machine.

According to him, any proposal of solution given must be carefully evaluate as the management could not afford a second-time stop for repair due to very  tight production schedule.

Loctite 5699 was later proposed  and accepted  to  seal the flanges, and also as a O-ring dressing

" This part weighed several hundreds of  kilograms, alignment  during fixing is another challenge  -- to  fasten with 16 studs "

 " Cleaning in progress with Loctite 7070 Cleaner before applying Loctite 5699 "

" Forklift was used during fixing "

Loctite 5699 is a versatile flange sealant.  For other applications, kindly email  :   , or,