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LOCTITE 277 : Small Money, Big Saving

LOCTITE® 277  ( 30933 ) is designed for the permanent locking and  sealing of threaded fasteners. The product cures when confined in the absence of air between close fitting metal surfaces and prevents loosening and leakage from shock and vibration. Typical applications include the locking and sealing of large bolts and studs (M25 and larger).

A water pump  in a dredging ship which run on high rpm faced screw loosening problem. The operation had to be stopped inevitably for few hours to repair. This would cost a big loss in terms of man-hour, operation cost;  fuel kept burning for nothing.  Every ton of yield ( sand )  contributed to the billing.

Since the bronze impeller was locked by the nut with limited threads, over-tightening tends to happen which eventually spoiled the threads.

LOCTITE  277 was then proposed to the ship owner. The mating surfaces were first cleaned with LOCTITE 7649, it would activate the reaction and shorten the curing time ( For detailed application of LOCTITE 7649, do feel free to email us for TDS ).

Apply the LOCTITE 277  onto the threads. A small quantity would do  the job.

The nut was then fastened and left for 24 hours to be fully cured.

In this entire job, very minimal amount of LOCTITE 277 was used. Based on the given gauge below, the consumption was approximately 0.4 ml was used, or could be less.  Hence,  not more than Ringgit Malaysia 60 cents was spent.  This is definitely very very low compared to the loss due to the  downtime which might cost thousands of Ringgit Malaysia.

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